Wow, This Was a Great Lunch, Very Healthy

Check out all the great ingredients in this salad. Local baby greens Yellow squash Carrots Cucumber Red and green peppers Tomatoes Onions Top it off with chicken salad and a nice salad dressing

Curing the Incurable with Shawn Stevenson

I found this interview extremely enlightening. Really good information about tissue regeneration, weight loss and being super healthy. Check out what Shawn Stevenson has to say about the Acid Alkaline Diet. My favorite quote from the show: “Weight loss is a side effect of being healthy.”

Alkaline pH Balance for Good Health and Weight Loss

Alkaline Balance Free Alkaline Diet Chart Alkaline Products pH Books Alkaline pH Balance Find out why balancing your pH is the #1 most important first step in achieving real vibrant, radiant health.

Real Relaxation Helps to Balance pH

Check out this advanced relaxation technique, with Wake Forest Yoga instructor, Marty Gooch. Stress makes the body acidic faster than anything else. Even faster than a vegetable hater, piling on the junk food. Restorative yoga is a great antidote to stress. way better option than trying to relax in front of the boob tube.

Laughter is Alkalizing

Laughter is Alkalizing and good for the soul. And exercise is great for the body. That gives laughter yoga the one-two punch for health and wellness. This little routine takes just 10 minutes and ends with a good laugh. To get started, sit on the floor and stretch out your legs.